DIY Summer Fireworks Canvas

This DIY Summer Fireworks Canvas tutorial was made possible by our sponsor, Skittles and Collective Bias, Inc.. All opinions are mine alone. #SkittlesAmericaMix #tastetherainbow #CollectiveBias

Hi friends! We have longed for our favorite season of the year and it’s here. Can you believe we are less than a month away from celebrating Independence Day? Fourth of July is one of our seasonal  highlights along with our family trips. I must admit that we get pretty festive around here. Our holiday agenda includes finding the perfect patriotic attire, adding small decor throughout our home, and of  course determining where we will watch the firework display!   Since we have a few more days to wait, we decided to create our own work of art using the Skittles America Mix Candies.

DIY Summer Firework Canvas
While shopping online and I was excited to discover that Amazon ships a gorgeous mix of Skittles that come in the signature American colors – red, white, and blue. This limited edition mix was perfect for our DIY craft project! Did I mention how much I love the ease of shipping and quick arrival when you order using the Amazon Prime shipping feature? We ordered and 2 days later our happy mail arrived at our doorstep! You should have seen the boys faces when we opened the box and discovered that we had not only one bag, but two 41 ounce bags of patriotic inspired skittles.

DIY Patriotic Craft
babychick photos_0566.jpg

Make your home festive by first looking for items that you may already own. I like to add in a few DIY pieces along with fun items I picked up from the store. Our fireworks canvas is a perfect way to add a little sparkle to your celebrations and can be used as a centerpiece for your food table or even display on your mantle.

Here is what you will need to make the firework display canvas.

  • Skittles America Mix Candies, 41 Ounce
  • 16×20 White Canvas
  • Glue Gun

I found it easier to start by separating the colors.  The America Mix includes red (raspberry and strawberry), white (yumberry), and blue (blackberry and wild berry) Skittles. My very eager assistant divided the candies into 4 dishes.
babychick photos_0569.jpg
babychick photos_0570.jpg

Next select the color you would like to start with first. Adhere the candies to the canvas by adding a small dot of glue from the gun and quickly adding your candy. I first created the center of your first firework by adding one candy in the center, one candy directly on top, two on both sides, and two on the bottom as I did here. From there you can start creating a downward flow of the candies stemming from each candy that was included in the original circle. When you are deciding which direction to take, think up, over, and down, similar to the orientation of a fireworks display.

babychick photos_0573.jpg

babychick photos_0574.jpg

Once you have completed on firework display, choose another set of of candies. I would suggest making a couple of big displays and others smaller.  Letting them overlap will add in some texture and fun to your design.

babychick photos_0568.jpg

babychick photos_0571.jpg

The good news about using a glue gun is it drys instantly. The bad news is the dried glue strings that hang around once you are finished with your project. Here’s a quick tip for removal those unwanted strings…. wrap a piece of scotch tape around two fingers and use it to pick up the glue strings. It’s gentle enough to pick it up and not damage your gorgeous candy design.

babychick photos_0567.jpg

Once completed,  add your masterpiece to a shelf, mantle, or table top easel in the center of your food or candy table.   Be sure to sprinkle in some fun lanterns, and patriotic inspired flowers. Since there are few weeks left be sure to head on over to to order your limited addition mix and pin the image below for future reference. The good news is, each purchase comes with 2 41-ounce bags of Skittles so that you can craft with one bag and serve the other delicious treats to your guests!


4th of July decor

Summer Canvas


If you feel inspired to “taste the rainbow” with us, be sure to purchase your Skittles America Mix on Amazon Prime for an all-American inspired celebration this Summer! Be sure to let us know which flavor is your favorite. Follow along with us over on Instagram and visit the Wrigley America Mix Skittles page for more inspiring ideas for all of your Summer celebrations!

DIY Summer Firework Craft


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