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A couple of weeks ago, I was hired to provide styling services for one of my favorite community clients. The Long Meadow Farms Community provides engaging events for their residents throughout the year. This particular event was a cocktail mixer filled with tasty sweets, music, and cocktails. Enjoy the photos captured by my amazing event photographer Anetrius Wallace Photography. Tutus and Bowties Event Details email79

Tutus and Bowties Event Details39 The event was held in one of their gorgeous model homes, so there wasn’t a need for an over the top decor display. I kept the decor design very clean, crisp, and complimentary to the earthy and warm colors of the model home.

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Upon arrival, guests were greeted and then directed to pick a glass of their choice. I whipped up 60 chalkboard labels and added them to the wine glasses and mugs. You can find them in our shop. Guests were asked to write their names with a special chalkboard marker. These can be found at any office supply store. This is a great way to ensure you guests avoid the awkward moment of trying to remember someone’s name or mistake their glass for theirs! Our glasses are functional and serve as the perfect take home favor!

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PicMonkey Collage The next stop was a simple cheese and cracker display dressed with beautiful hand-crafted calligraphy artwork by Kristara Calligraphy, wine glass bottles, and burlap letters that read “SIP”. I love the simplicity of the table and I think the guests did too. I overheard someone say “This looks like a Pinterest project!”. I love hearing those type of comments. It really makes my day.

Tutus and Bowties Event Details38 (1) - Copy I lined the window seals with empty wine bottles, which was something I did during my last cocktail mixer. I love the light that shines through the empty glass bottle. It’s a simple yet impactful add don’t you think?

PicMonkey Collage
Tutus and Bowties Event Details108 A local bar service company was hired to keep the drinks flowing and the glasses filled. I set up a simple water bottle display using one of my favorite props…. yes it’s a suitcase. Cute right? I wrapped the bottles with a blackboard themed label that read “Sip & Sweets” designed by Beth Kruse Custom Kreations! I filled in the gaps with wine corks that I have collected over time. And no I did not drink all of those bottles of wine. (Wink!)

Tutus and Bowties Event Details78 My client wanted to be sure there were enough sweets for everyone that attended. Believe me, there was not a shortage of sweets! She ordered an assortment of brownies, cupcakes, cake pops and cheesecake bites in a from our local boutique bakery.

Tutus and Bowties Event Details102 Again, we wanted to be sure this display was simple as well. Since she ordered an assortment of desserts, there was not a lot of room for extra pieces on the table. I dressed the desserts with hand written calligraphy label picks. They were nestled on simple white plates and my favorite antique gold cake stands.

Enjoy the rest of the photos. I must warn you… if you did not have a sweet tooth, you will probably have one after the end of this post. The Red Velvet cupcakes were to die for!

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