Handmade Paper Tassels for Holiday Decorations

Another incomparable way to decorate a holiday is with brightly colored paper tassels.

When our daughter’s birthday began to approach, the question arose of how and where we would celebrate it. After consulting with the whole family, we decided to celebrate the holiday at home, in the garden. I decided to make our own original garlands to decorate the festivities.

What do you need to prepare for the work?

Some things can be created by yourself, using improvised materials. For example, a beautiful festive garland.

To make an ornate garland with beautiful tassels, you need to prepare:

  • sheets of paper – tissue paper or mylar;
  • scissors;
  • thin scotch tape or thread to match the garland;
  • cord.

Interesting material for creativity

In order to make a beautiful garland, which can be placed on the street, I used an unusual material – mylar paper. This is a modern synthetic material, which replaced cellophane in many areas of human activity. It has many useful qualities.

Mylar is heat- and water-resistant, well-maintains heat, is impermeable to light and air, non-toxic, which allowed using it for the production of food and cosmetics packaging. By the way, many people’s favorite foil balloons are actually made of Mylar.

For creativity this material is not yet used too often, although it may be in demand for the creation of objects for outdoor decor. That is what I decided to use.

Working steps

To make a garland in the form of tassels, you can use a variety of material – tissue paper, reaped or corrugated, foil or mylar paper. I used mylar, as this material seemed to me the most suitable for decorating the veranda. Take a sheet of paper equal in height to two lengths of the future tassels, and equal in width to the “fluffiness” of these very tassels.

Fold a rectangle of paper, folding it in half in height. Cut the double edge into thin strips, not reaching the fold about 2 inches.

Now unfold the sheet. Roll the resulting billet in a roll, so that the edges were fringe.

Twist the center of the roll to fix it and make it tighter.

How to decorate a holiday with paper tassel pom-poms

Another incomparable way to decorate a holiday is with brightly colored paper tassels. They go perfectly with other decorations made of paper, balloons and fabric.

Now, luckily, pompons “Tassels” are easy to order with delivery, so I sketched for us all a handy “cheat sheet” of how they can be used most effectively.

What kind of pom-poms “Tassels” are

Tassels are not just sold in all colors, but also different shades of the same color. You can hang pom-poms from light pink to dark red, you get a kind of color gradient. You can alternate bright colors, such as white and blue, or even make a rainbow.

Everything, of course, depends on the theme and the primary color of the holiday. Let’s admire it!

By the way, it’s only at first glance it seems that the tassels are suitable only for carnivals, children’s parties and some unusual weddings. Look how elegant and austere these decorations look at the buffet table.

It’s only necessary to choose the right shades, and the tassels will perfectly complement the decor of the men’s anniversary.

It’s also worth mentioning that pom-poms “Tassels” can be of different sizes. Sometimes we need more puffy ones, sometimes we need “slender” ones. They are slightly different in price, be careful when ordering.

How can we hang the tassels?

I’ve tried to gather a variety of ideas so you can make a quicker decision at the right moment.

In the form of a horizontal garland

This is the most obvious and easiest decor option. Hang the pompoms at an equal distance from each other on a beautiful cord, you get a bright and noticeable decoration in a few minutes.

Hang on decorative branches

Why not come up with a “happy tree” for home party decorations? Our tassels on branches are reminiscent of the ribbon trees newlyweds love to visit.

Attach vertical tassel garlands to the ceiling

Unexpected and fun. In principle, such garlands can be zoned festive space, especially convenient if your room has a suspended ceiling.

Decorate strings of helium balloons

This solution is suitable for large helium balloons (40-50 cm in diameter). They are rarely tied into large bundles, but the cord may well be decorated with brightly colored pompom tassels. It’s great, don’t you agree!

Make a figure

Probably not all figures will look so interesting, but here “seven” turned out great!

Hang it along the railing

Why not? This particular example shows the garland sagging slightly. I think if you fasten the tassel pom-poms under the railing with double-throw tape right along the line, it would be very festive.

Combine with paper balloons and Chinese hanging lanterns

Agree, a ceiling decoration with tassels looks very, very different. For rooms with high ceilings, it’s a great solution!

Decorate candy bars

Exactly on this example, cords of balloons are decorated with tassels, but it is possible to create with their help a background or even a peculiar buffet “skirt” if to attach them along the table edges.

Create a photo area with tassels

Several parallel horizontal garlands will create a full-fledged festive photo area that no guest will pass by.

Decorate the edge of the table

Yes, that’s a great idea. There are rolls with tassels. And we have tassels without a tablecloth :-). It’s original and fun.

How to make a tassel garland with my own hands?

The variety of design and decoration products is very large. But along with classic solutions, the tassel garland is gaining in popularity.

This product is not so difficult, and can even be made by yourself.

From corrugated paper

This material is considered the best option, because it does not require the use of glue and helps to form the desired object in just a minute. To begin with, you need to fold a sheet of paper into two equal parts, cut it into thin strips. Two or three pieces are folded (focusing on the target thickness), then tightly rolled from the center to the periphery.

As soon as the twisting is finished, a loop should appear – no additional effort is required, everything will happen by itself. Next, this loop is left alone, and the workpiece as a whole is bent into 2 equal parts, continuing to twist them together.

All that remains to be done is to carefully knead the resulting “tail”, achieving the puffiness of the resulting ribbon.

From plastic bags

For all the advantages of corrugated paper, it is unwise to use it to decorate outdoor verandas and terraces. A strong wind or rain drops will quickly bring such a product into disrepair. Therefore, it is worth finding out how best to make a tassel garland from polyethylene with your own hands.

This material is much better resistant to moisture. In addition, it costs relatively inexpensive. For work, it is best to use colored bags of medium size.

To proceed as follows:

  • taking the bag, lay it out on a flat table;
  • Cut off handles (if any), aligning the workpiece;
  • In the same way neatly cut the bottom of the bag;
  • the resulting square piece of polyethylene is smoothed and folded in half up to 3 times (if large bags are used, you will have to do it 4 or 5 times)
  • make a half fold along the length, if necessary, trim the edges again;
  • hold a finger on the fold of the workpiece, the same finger limiting the length of the cut strips;
  • cutting the entire folded polyethylene right and left, cut what is obtained into equally sized tracks;
  • twist the center that remains uncut and do it tightly but without excessive force;
  • fold it in half again, holding the twist tighter;
  • tie it together with the strip that was originally the bottom.

But this is only an element of the finished design. To assemble a tassel garland, you will have to use up to 90 twists. If you take 1 large bag, it will allow you to make 2 basic elements. This kind of work is sure to bring joy to all lovers of decorating their own homes for the holidays.

What is important, it is also well suited for children.

From tassels

There is an alternative option. Again, paper (rectangular sheet) is taken, it is folded in the middle on the long edge. Fold the sheet twice on the wide side and unfold it vertically. When the sheets are folded, they are cut into elongated strips, but not all the way through. Unfolding the paper, cut it in half so you get four sheets.

Each piece is spread out in length and curled in the middle. Tassel is fastened with glue, so that there is a loop. Having made the required number of tassels, they are strung on a string. This completes the work of making the garland.

It can be used for balloons, to decorate the area allocated for the photo shoot.

Use with balloons

Such ribbons in the form of a spiral show themselves very well on various holidays. They are attached to large balloons filled with helium. Very well, if the balloon is imprinted with a text or image reflecting the essence of the celebration. The width of the ribbons can be chosen arbitrarily, but we must remember that they can stick to each other if they are electrically charged. Usually it is possible to perform all the necessary work in a few hours.