How to throw a summer backyard party BBQ

backyard party BBQ

The weekend is just around the corner – it’s time to take a break from the hustle and bustle and spend time with loved ones. If a picnic or a trip to the countryside does not work out, do not worry – you can have a wonderful time at the cottage. The main thing – know how to prepare the site in the yard to the arrival of guests and organize a cool party. shares a few simple but effective tips.

Idea 1: Use a disposable kraft paper tablecloth

We advise you to refuse the usual tablecloth: firstly, it is trivial and, secondly, impractical. It is better to replace it with regular Kraft paper. This option has many advantages: it looks very original, it is not sorry to get dirty and throw away. And also the improvised tablecloth can be used as a canvas and decorated with funny inscriptions or drawings. You can ask each guest to sign their name or leave a nice message.

Idea 2: Place flowers

Fresh flowers on the holiday table are a must-have for any party, even if the dining area is made of wooden crates. So don’t neglect them. Dried flowers, wildflowers, or roses from the garden plot – absolutely anything is suitable for a party. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of vases: choose bright and varied options, from ceramic to metal. If you use special fixtures-pillows for flowers, forget about transparent containers.

No vases? That’s okay. Use large jars or glass soda bottles instead. Or you can break up one bouquet into several smaller ones and arrange them in shot glasses or coffee cups.

backyard party BBQ

Idea 3: Create name cards

To make sure no one feels superfluous, create a name card for each guest and spread them out on the table. This way, you can not only avoid the hassle of seating, but also turn an ordinary dinner with friends into a real social event. To prevent cards from flying away in a gust of wind, be sure to secure them, but do it in an original way. For example, tape them to multicolored pebbles or attach them to a small object that this particular guest will like. Small gifts will immediately lift the spirits of everyone present.

Idea 4: Decorate the bar counter

If no one has volunteered to work as a bartender this evening, create an improvised bar counter so guests can make their own drinks. To do this, take a retro-style ironing board or an ordinary cart on wheels. Place on them a variety of drinks, saucers with lemon slices, decorative elements such as umbrellas, glasses, and offer your friends to learn a new profession, and at the same time treat yourself to the original cocktails. Note that the bottles of drinks should be in a metal bucket with ice, so they don’t get hot in the heat.

Idea 5: Put down the rug and pillows

It often happens that more than a dozen guests are supposed to come, and there is only a bench and a couple of chairs in normal condition at the cottage. The question arises: how to accommodate friends and relatives, so that everyone has enough space? We suggest turning the yard into a Turkish palace: take out their house a few thick rugs, put them on the grass, and throw a few decorative cushions on top. Voila – a soft and comfortable seat for guests is ready! You can also bring wicker or frameless armchairs from home, or construct a semblance of sofas from pallets. Do not be afraid of eclecticism and collect on your site a variety of places to rest. Everyone is different and everyone should find their perfect spot at this party.

backyard party BBQ

Idea 6: Hang lanterns and garlands

Let’s get down to decorating the site. Chinese lanterns are very popular and can be hung around the garden for beauty. Tie long strings to them and fasten them to trees, a canopy or the roof of a pergola.

On a side note: You can also make a country-style garland with your own hands. For this you will need a large number of pieces of fabric and jute twine, which is usually used for tying letters, boxes and so on. Tie colorful pieces of material to the rope, and your garland is ready!

And if the party is planned until deep into the night, you should think about street lighting as well. We suggest that you get creative, think of all the Pinterest pics you’ve saved, and start making your own lanterns (or finding alternatives). Use whatever you can find at the cottage. This can be tin and glass jars, which will later turn into candle holders, Christmas lights, LED candles that run on batteries. Anything original will make the yard look a lot cozier.

Idea 7: Put up welcome signs

In addition to lanterns, the site can decorate a variety of signs with funny inscriptions, such as: “It’s a garden party,” “Welcome to …,” “Dance & fun!” Get some wooden planks and chalk and use your imagination. It is very important that the inscriptions were bright and catchy, otherwise guests will pay attention to them only after you tell about their existence. Signs can be hung on the fence, put on the porch or nailed to a tree. By the way, you can also make signs in the form of such signs, if some guests came to your dacha for the first time and do not know where everything is.

Idea 8: Draw a twister right on the grass

It’s unlikely to be a fun party if no one remembers the various games for large company. If “Crocodile” and “Funtas” are already bored and want a more active holiday, play a homemade twister. True, it will need to take care of in advance. Using spray paint, draw circles of yellow, red, green and blue on the grass, print out an improvised tape measure for the host, find something that looks like an arrow (or just download an app on your phone) and start playing!

Idea 9: Hide the garden gnomes in the grass

How about a fun quest or contest? The little garden gnomes that are usually present in all garden plots can help you with that. Hide seven or ten of them in the yard and announce the conditions of the contest: whoever finds the most gnomes in a given time will get a prize. In general, the task can be absolutely any, it all depends on your imagination and the nature of the guests – not all people will enthusiastically accept the idea of running around the suburban area in search of toys. It’s better to think of an entertaining program for the party beforehand, so that the guests won’t get bored.

Idea 10: Hang balloons

Balloons are always associated with a holiday, magic, good mood. Why not hang a few dozen in the yard? They would look great on the fence, trees, and porch. You can also tie them to drink bottles placed on the table.

Idea 11: Make space for a bonfire

If the party is going to be outdoors, make sure you have a place for the bonfire. Once the sun goes down, build a fire, seat guests around the fire and offer to tell funny stories, play charades, roast marshmallows, sing songs with a guitar or just socialize while wrapped in plaids. The atmosphere around the fire will be very cozy, relaxing, and romantic.