What to wear to a backyard BBQ

Shirt and bikinis

You’ll find it even more enjoyable to look at pictures of a barbecue with friends or a fun picnic in the park if you think carefully about your image. Save your sweatpants and olimpiyki for jogging and the gym, and recycle your worn-out clothes. Enjoy delicious food and easy conversation, and the editor will advise how to look stylish at a suburban barbecue and at the barbecue in the woods.

Cargo pants and a bomber

Dense fabric makes cargo pants the perfect companions for outdoor recreation. Choose natural shades of khaki and brown with handy pockets where you can put necessary things like a lighter or matches. A bomber is a noble substitute for an olimpiyka and it won’t restrict your movements.

Cargo pants and a bomber

T-shirt and jeans

Cotton T-shirt with a funny print will show your sense of humor. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the occasional gravy stain being too conspicuous. Jeans or a stylish 90’s-inspired denim dungarees will make a stylish and comfortable look together with the T-shirt. And you’ll look great in photos!

Shirt and bikinis

Super-trendy biker shirts will be perfect for countryside barbecues. An oversize t-shirt or a duo of an alcoholic tank top with a shirt thrown on top will cover your groin area so you feel totally confident. A plaid or denim top layer will “complicate” the outfit a bit and protect your shoulders and arms from the sun. For maximum comfort choose shirts made of breathable materials – cotton, viscose or flannel.


Both short and long shirts or T-shirts can be worn with a denim jumpsuit. Espadrilles or ballet shoes with laces go best with short cotton ones, and for long ones, you should choose low shoes.

Skirt or shorts

Here, of course, everything depends on your preferences. A mini-skirt is not a good solution for a picnic, but if you feel comfortable in it, then feel free to choose it. If you want to look feminine – wear lush models with a bustier top, if you want something easier – choose a denim model with a slit. It is impossible to imagine any summer season without shorts. Cotton and linen shorts are perfect for sultry weather and will allow the body to breathe, and denim shorts are perfectly combined with everything.  

Dress or sundress

Practice shows that a cotton and viscose maxi dress is a successful option for a picnic in the park or a dacha gathering. It doesn’t snag, you can sit down in it without worrying about decorum, or lie on a plaid. If you get a button-down dress, it easily turns into a cape. Wear it boho style over a t-shirt with jeans or a tank top with shorts – the maximum number of combinations makes it a summer masthead!

Cap or Panama with Ties

An ultra-fashionable hiker’s panama will look harmoniously among the trees and grass. Wide brim will hide your face and eyes from the scorching rays. Prefer models with ties – with them the hat will not be blown away by the wind, and they are perfect even with dresses. And a cap with a visor is a classic outdoor look. Practical shades, embroidery or neon accent – the decision is yours!

Hoodie or windbreaker

In more windy weather or evening chill you will definitely need a product with a hood, which will protect from forest bugs and light drizzle. That is why functional hoodies and windbreakers are quite pertinent for outings to the nature. Juicy monochrome, prints or color-block – any variant will decorate your bow for outdoor recreation.


Massive sneakers are exactly the kind of shoes that are not only comfortable, but also extremely fashionable. Sneakers or trekking boots, depending on the location, are also nice for grilling meat or slicing vegetables for the grill. Flat-footed espadrilles, sporty sandals, or rough Birkenstock-style flip-flops will go with all of the above clothing. If you don’t expect mosquito and tick attacks, feel free to wear high rubber boots on cotton socks or fashionable Cossacks. They won’t be afraid of mud, either.