Bridal shower event planner

Bridal shower

How to organize a perfect Bridal shower that your friends will remember only with positive emotions and a magical atmosphere? Use our guide!

Guest List

You should only invite girlfriends who will be at your wedding to the bachelorette party. Usually only bridesmaids are present at the bachelorette party, but you can invite relatives or work colleagues if you want. It is better that your guests were already familiar with each other in advance, so the atmosphere at the hen party will be easier and more relaxed.


Some believe that it is not necessary to make separate invitations for the hen party – just enough to call by phone or write in social networks. But if you’re planning an entertaining program, you need to know exactly how many people are attending. Plus, this sweet gesture is sure to be appreciated by all your girlfriends!

You don’t have to order printing from a professional, you can make invitations by yourself – all you need is imagination, glue and scissors. Or just find templates online and sign them originally!


It is not necessary to hold a bachelorette party right before the wedding. First, it is fraught with ill health on the day of the wedding, and secondly, before the holiday you already will have a lot of trouble. It’s best if the party takes place one or two weeks before the celebration. Pick a date based on your work schedules, the weather (if you plan to go outdoors), and the photographer’s busy schedule (if you want to have a photo shoot).


There is no concept of a “standard bachelorette party.” Rather, it is a meeting of close friends who have something to remember. Therefore, the format of the evening can be anything from a pajama party at your home to dancing in the trendiest club in town. But to keep the guests from getting bored, especially if your company will include people who do not know each other very well, it would be a good idea to come up with some fun contests. Remember, your main task today is to have a good time and have fun.


The budget depends directly on the format of the party. You can pay the expenses only you or agree with your girlfriends that each will pay for itself or reimburse part of the expenses with a monetary gift. Keep in mind that the bachelorette party budget should be no more than 5% of all wedding expenses – do not cut the budget for the sake of this evening on the site or contractors.


Gifts at a bachelorette party are optional. But it’s a great opportunity to make a joke and lift the bride’s spirits. Compliments for the invitees are also not mandatory, but if you have a desire, you can prepare small surprises for girlfriends (lip gloss, sweets, cute accessories).


  1. Remember that not all guests dream to party in a nightclub until morning, some would like to spend the evening in a SPA complex or a cozy cafe. Therefore, it is better to discuss in advance the format of the hen night with his girlfriends.
  2. Do not delay in choosing the date, especially if the party is planned in the summer, and even on weekends. Suddenly it may be that all the cool seats are taken!
  3. Make a plan for the evening to make it active and interesting.
  4. If standard contests and entertainment are planned, add in nuances that characterize your company. For example, raffle questions that only your guests know the answers to!
  5. Try to introduce your girlfriends the night before the meeting, or tell each one a little bit about the others, so it’s easy for them to find topics of conversation at the bachelorette party.
  6. If the bachelorette party budget is divided among all the participants, consider the solvency of each of your girlfriends when choosing a venue. Otherwise, for some, the party might not be too happy.
  7. Don’t worry if things don’t go according to plan – as long as your friends are there!
  8. Social media makes a difference in our lives. Before you start the bachelorette party, tell your friends which details and photos can and can’t be posted online.