What is the best free 3d exterior design software

3d exterior design software

Times are changing and old methods of work are being replaced by new ones. Now the designer no longer needs to draw a room plan by hand, instead he or she can use various 3d exterior design software. We have compiled a list of the twelve best services with which to plan a project will be many times easier and faster. Even if you are just starting your way in design. For convenience, we have divided the programs by degree of complexity.

Programs for interior design: the beginner level

1. 3D Hamster

3D Hamster is a convenient and rich library of models for 3ds max. Design turns from work into a game like “Sims”, even if you don’t know much about 3ds max yet. And in the future it is planned to create estimates, so you immediately know where to order all the furniture.

The 3D Hamster library was developed by the 3D CLUB school. We solved the problem of intuitive and easy to fill design projects. So we conduct a training marathon where we learn the industry standard – 3ds max and take all the objects and decor from 3D Hamster.

Features: Thousands of photorealistic furniture models from real manufacturers and is regularly updated. There are also materials, backgrounds for the window, 2D people. Used only in conjunction with 3ds max.

Price: free.

System: Windows.

2. Roomstyler 3D Planner

This service is a kind of social platform, where you can not only create interior design, but also communicate with other designers and amateurs, as well as look at the results of their work.

You can use different types of decor, textures, wallpaper, beds, refrigerators, sofas and more from the extensive collection and then enjoy the changes that take place. This service integrates with stores, which allows you to know the price of your project “without leaving the cash register”.

Features: simple interface, work in 2D and 3D, integration with most stores, interior items from real designers, photorealistic look.

Price: free.

 System: browser version. 

3. Roomtodo

This designer will be your assistant in the design of apartments and offices. The service allows you to create a floor plan and arrange the furniture as you want, and then look at the finished layout “from the inside”.

Features: a simple drawing of the room plan in 2D, including walls at an angle and of non-uniform thickness, the ability to make marks on top of the drawing, a large selection of windows, doors, finishing materials and furniture. The 2D, 3D and first person views are also worth mentioning.

Price: free, paid version costs from $ 9.99 and offers a set of additional features. These include combining materials, editing baseboards, adding your own paintings, mats and textures, and priority support.

 System: a browser-based service.

3d exterior design software

4. Planner 5D

With this service you can plan the design of not only the rooms, but also a garden with a swimming pool, for example. The most important thing is that you do not need to have any special architectural or engineering knowledge. Planner 5D is one of the most extensive collections of different repair attributes, among which you can choose the desired design. You can put doorways, stairs and even stairs in the virtual apartment. You can use the editor not only in the program for interior design online, but also in the application for iPad and iPhone.

Features: 2D and 3D layouts, textures and finishes, including uploading your own designs, professional 3D vizualization and HD rendering. More than 5000 ready-made objects in the catalog.

System: Browser version, mobile application for iOS and Android, program for Mac.

Price: free. There is an extended version – $30 per year.

5. HomeByMe 

Here you can plan rooms in 2D and 3D. The application has an extensive collection of elements in order to intelligently plan future square footage. The service integrates with many furniture suppliers, which makes it easy and fast to order from vendors.

Features: 2D and 3D planning, furniture placement, image customization for realistic state, use of ready-made interior items from real designers.

Price: free.

System: browser-based version.

Programs for interior design: intermediate level.

6. Home Plan Pro

This is a completely free program for those who work with drawings in 2D. With the service, you will be able to determine the place for arches, doors, windows. You can also complement the drawing by inserting images of different formats. Unfortunately, you can download the program for interior design only on Windows.

Features: creation of drawings, export to DXF and raster formats, work with layers.

Price: free.

System: Windows.

7. Sweet Home 3D

In Sweet Home 3D you can scan the floor plan of your dwelling, on the basis of which you can start working with the building. You can add inscriptions to your project: appointments of rooms, contacts of employees, etc. Sweet Home 3D has a fairly simple functionality. The service allows you to work both in 2D and 3D modes, as well as in photorealistic format. This free program for interior design is presented in Russian, Polish, English, German and 23 more languages.

Features: a large selection of interior items, viewing in 2D, 3D, photorealistic format and through a virtual visit. The program allows you to make notes on the plan, as well as linking the plan to geographic coordinates and the sides of the world. 3D model import and Java plugin installation is available.

Price: free.

System: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris, mobile and browser versions.

8. Homestyler 

Developed by Autodesk Corporation for interior design in Russian offers not only to plan the interior from scratch, but also to work with photographs of ready-made rooms. Here you will be able to pre sketch the interior design, using wallpaper, corners, skirting boards, furniture and other tools from real brands.

Features: work with a catalog of real brands, integration of the interior photo you are working with, many templates to choose from. View in 2D, 3D, walk format, photorealistic 720-degree panorama.

Price: free.

Programs for interior design: advanced level

9. SketchUp

As the service itself states, SketchUp combines the fun of drawing by hand with the convenience of intelligent software. Work can be done in both 2D and 3D. The service offers many professional extensions that can be customized, including item parameters, cost and vendor data. This service is available both as a free interior design program and a paid PRO version.

Features: work in 2D and 3D, special products for personal projects, business projects, educational institutions, and large architectural studios. The program integrates with other Google services, which allows you to calculate the lighting depending on the location. The service allows you to make a layout not only of the room, but also of the adjacent territory. In addition, SketchUp presents great opportunities for landscape design, 3D printing, housing planning, woodworking, etc. In this program you can not only work with the interior, but also create individual objects.

Price: free, extended version from $119 per year.

System: browser-based version.

10. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is a designer for creating various drawings, diagrams, plans. The editor is popular among both beginners and professionals. The service has an extensive built-in collection of graphic elements, as well as great flexibility in terms of visualization.

Features: very wide possibilities for working with drawings and plans, ready-made templates for apartment planning, house planning, fire evacuation plan, etc.

Price: not free, but very cheap $12.95 per year.

System: Mac, Windows, tablet version.

11. Planoplan

Here you can design a three-dimensional model of the room, selecting furniture and decor elements, then find out the price of your project. The program has a simple and intuitive interface, which allows you to fully master the program in a couple of hours.

Features: more than 5000 interior items that can be scaled and customizable, download your own textures and 3D objects, tile layout.

In addition, there is project integration and virtual tours using the Planoplan widget, automatic generation of wall sweep indicating outlets, switches, installed windows and doors. Adjustment of natural light depending on location and time of day. Integration with Google Cardboard and Windows Mixed Reality to view VR panoramas.

Price: free, PRO rates from $10 per month.

Branded programs

12. IKEA Home Planner

The service will be an indispensable assistant when dealing with interior design issues for fans of this store. Thanks to the built-in elements of Ikea Home Planner, you can immediately add all the elements from the project to the cart, which means that the result will be as close to the idea and then do not have to search for hours for similar interior items.

In addition, in the process of using this program you can calculate the cost of purchase in advance. The system has a built-in robot-assistant, as well as the opportunity to get direct expert advice.

Features: online planning of the kitchen, dining room, checkroom, bathroom. In addition, you can separately plan the type of office furniture or bed and the overall design of the walls and windows.

Price: free.

13. Stolplit 3D

The company “StolPlit” does not lag behind its competitors, which also has its own electronic repair assistant. Here you can not only arrange items as you see fit, but also combine them, put them on top of each other, change their color, size and characteristics. Having created your unique room design, you can go straight to ordering furniture from the “StolPlit” factory.

Features: more than 1000 standard layouts of Russian apartments, a large range of furniture, the ability to see the content of all modules, the ability to order furniture directly.

Price: free of charge.

System: browser-based version, Windows.