Bridal shower

Bridal shower

Organizing and hosting Bridal shower before a wedding is quite a troublesome, costly, and time-consuming process that requires a lot of time and ideas. For a perfect bachelorette party, girls can’t think of anything! After all, it is so important that the hen party was memorable for life and was the most vivid memory for the bride-to-be. Here are a few ideas for your future hen party.


One idea is to make a bachelorette party in the style of a quest. This option is a great idea for those who love various unexpected surprises. During the quest, the bridesmaids can meet the main character of the celebration at different locations, give her hints, solve puzzles, puzzles, each of which helps her to get to the place where the main part of the bachelorette party will take place.

The location for the quest could be the whole city, the neighborhood, the area of the country complex, a restaurant or your dacha.

Puzzles can be associated with your favorite places, where you often gathered with the girls, with the future bride-to-be, as well as everything can be associated exclusively with your friendship. It is necessary to properly select and procure props.

The script and tasks you can write yourself, or find options for similar quests on the internet. Do not forget about the clothes and accessories – so your bachelorette party in the style of the quest will be more spectacular. By the way, the bachelorette party quest can be themed.

Bridal shower

Here are some popular themes for such an event:

  • Hawaii;
  • Gangsters;
  • Hollywood;
  • Pin-up Party;
  • Hippies.

We are sure that the adventure in the style of the bachelorette party quest you will leave in your memory for a long time, and the holiday will remember with a smile for many years.

Master class

Another one of the good and exciting ideas for a bachelorette party is to hold a master class. This is a case where you can spend time interesting and useful, as well as learn something new.

For example, a master class on makeup, dancing or cooking, how to make a unique jewelry and shoot it beautifully for Instagram – all these master classes, where you and your girlfriends will learn something new and have fun!

And nowadays the master-classes of painting with wine in the style of Paint and Sip are gaining their popularity, where an experienced master with a glass of wine and a pleasant music will help each girl to create her own unique masterpiece!

As you see, there are a lot of options for interesting master classes. The main thing is to want to learn something new, and do not be afraid to experiment 🙂

Photo shoot

An idea that will keep in memory the most vivid impressions and emotions about your girls’ party. A photo shoot is interesting, beautiful photos taken by a professional photographer, which will remain in the family album for a lifetime and will be a wonderful decoration on your Instagram or Facebook page.

The photo session can be held in the studio, in nature, in any location you wish. This is a wonderful surprise for the bride that she can learn about only at the location. Make the photo session in some style or theme – it will be unexpectedly pleasant for the bride, such a surprise you will remember for a long time.

Movable games

To have a special bachelorette party it is possible to spend it actively: playing paintball or laser tag, visiting bowling, rollerdrome, a shooting gallery, go karting. But this option really does not suit everyone! Usually the variant of an active bachelorette party is considered a sporty girl who is in the mood for a team game, competition and adrenaline.

Spending time actively relaxing is a good idea when you want to loosen up a little before the wedding turmoil, to escape from piling worries and just relax before the most important event in the life of every girl.

If you’re not so extreme, then there are less active, but no less fun games. Here are a few of them.

Bachelorette party games and contests

Whichever format “seeing off your girlfriend” you have not chosen, the holiday will be much more fun if you diversify it with creative contests, or easy games for real girlfriends.

  1. Funny game

This game does not require much preparation, helps to relax raise the spirits of those present and pause between different activities.

The bride needs to collect from her girlfriends their personal items (phone case, glitter, hairpin, purse) and place them in a box or baggie. The bride will take the items one at a time and think of tasks for the bridesmaids to complete. Whichever item turns out to be in the bride’s possession is the one to perform the task.

Examples of tasks for funs:

  • make up a fairy tale about the bride;
  • to eat a lemon and not squeeze;
  • dance a twerk;
  • sing a song for the bride.

To create intrigue, it is better to sound out the task before the bride takes out the dummy.

  1. Crocodile

In this game you need only one prop – your imagination. One of the bridesmaids has to come up with a word, and the other has to gesture to show the word. Everyone else has to guess. The main rule when playing “Crocodile” at a bachelorette party is to stick to the wedding theme. To make the bachelorette party atmosphere filled with the spirit of competition, you can divide into teams.

  1. Guess who?

In turn, each bridesmaid is pinned on her forehead or back with a piece of paper on which a well-known character is already written. The game is to guess your character. To do this, it is necessary to ask leading questions, the answer to which can only be “yes” or “no.”

The girl who guesses her character first wins this bachelorette party game.

  1. Biography of the bride

The closest friends are always invited to a bachelorette party, so we can safely say that the girls know the bride very well and each of them has some kind of story associated with interesting events.

Based on this, you can come up with a “bride biography” contest.

Take a blank sheet of paper and have each of the girlfriends write one or two lines from her and the bride’s story. Thus, at the end there is a new story from your life, – a little fuzzy, a little strange, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but invariably nostalgic and beautiful. This contest is very exciting and engaging, as each of the bridesmaids wants to highlight a different fragment of the story.

  1. Cookbook

This contest is not quite usual. You need to prepare cards with different colors, then each of the contestants gets 1 to 4 cards at random. The colors of the cards stand for certain dishes, namely:

Yellow – first course;

Red – meat or fish dish;

Salad – salad;

Pink – dessert;

Blue – drink.

Depending on the venue and the format of the event, the bridesmaids can either just write down the recipe for their favorite dish according to the dropped color, or prepare a dish in advance and treat the bride to it at the party. The most exquisite and delicious recipes according to the bride will end up in the cookbook. This is an interesting culinary challange and informative contest for all wives-to-be.

  1. Find an item

If you are celebrating a bachelorette party at a club or restaurant, you can have fun with a “find an item” contest.

Each of the girlfriends is given the task of finding an object from a stranger that the contestant will be riddled with by the bride.

It can be lipstick, sock, phone, credit card, Band-Aid, napkins, fork, tie, cocktail straw, champagne bottle, or any other item that may be useful to the bride at the wedding. Whoever is the first to bring a cherished item from a stranger wins the contest.

Here are such interesting ideas, exciting contests and positive games we have prepared for you, our dear girls.

How to prepare a bachelorette party

Do you want to make your celebration more interesting? Thinking what to surprise the bride and how to deliver her bright emotions? Now’s the time to think of a surprise for the hero of the day!

Inflate a fantastic bouquet of balloons, decorate the venue for the bachelorette party, prepare savory gifts for the competitions.

Themed balloons, paper garlands, pompoms and confetti are perfect for decorating the bachelorette party location. Add a nice touch of spring to the space, grab a good mood, and your surprise for the bride from the bridesmaids will be the most welcome and enjoyable.