Decorating a gazebo for a birthday party

Decorating a gazebo for a birthday party

A birthday is one of the best moments in a person’s life. Attention, gifts and nice words are only the tip of the iceberg of the great pleasure that the birthday boy gets on this day. To celebrate those few hours not only pleasantly, and beautifully, we offer you a selection of the best ideas for decorating a holiday gazebo.

First, we’ll just look at some interesting gazebo options, from which you can immediately get some cool ideas for yourself. After that, we’ll move on to specific decoration elements that you can decorate your gazebo with.

I’m sure you’ll find something to please you or your person on their birthday!

I hasten to remind you that a wedding gazebo is quite far from a holiday gazebo, as it requires much more effort, time, and money to decorate it. Nevertheless, you may well take some ideas on the note, taking a closer look at their decoration.

Holiday Arbors

I’m an adherent of the approach when they say: “It doesn’t matter how, it’s important with whom. The atmosphere of a holiday, especially such a pleasant one as a birthday party, should be created by people, not things, gifts and decor.

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to combine business with pleasure. A few good ideas, combined with the smiles of your loved ones can do a really magical thing. So give people the gift of a fairy tale, decorating your gazebo with interesting elements!

Birthday decorations


All the romance of these ideas gain in the evening, when the glow of the lights and LED strips begins to stand out clearly against the background of twilight and darkness.

Initially, the light plays a huge role during the holidays, and if it is also beautifully placed, then it’s a win-win. You can combine powerful lighting and decorative illumination to make everything clearly visible, and at the same time look impressive.

Candles in the context of gazebos don’t look like the best way to illuminate.

Decorative Curtains

A light fabric in your favorite color will perfectly accentuate the holiday and add its share of coziness. It’s inexpensive, modern and very simple, so the option can also be categorized as a must-have.

It is not necessary to buy forty meters of fabric to decorate the entire gazebo with it. Give preference to those places where it will be emphasized by gusts of wind and not interfere with people’s rest.


Balloons are the most versatile, simple and enjoyable holiday decor. You can place them both in a chaotic order and in the form of figures and figures. Large bundles of balloons that are handed to the birthday boy during the initial greetings look funny.

Plaids and pillows

Be sure to take with you something to cover, so that in the evening no one will feel uncomfortable and the evening chill. In general, over the past five years plaids have become a trend, they are served even in elite bars and cafes, so I would not ignore this wish.

Arbor with pillows

Photos with happy moments

More of a feminine theme than a masculine one, but it’s equally endearing to everyone. You need to print out all the “dirty” pictures that you have on digital media, then hang them all over the gazebo on buttons, tape or glue.

Decorating a gazebo for a birthday party

Photo on a booth

You don’t have to create a cute set, it’s best to go with some trash that only two and a half people know about. If at first the birthday boy seems too awkward, then tell him that you have 20 more pieces in stock that will complete the entire selection in the next two hours. People’s emotions in these moments are priceless.

Beautiful cutlery and napkins

If the entire celebration takes place outdoors, there will be some issues with plates and placemats.