Pink Style Party

Pink Style Party

Pink is a delicious, seductive, delicate and feminine color. Until recently, everyone associated it exclusively with glamorous women or cute little girls, but nowadays even brutal men began to show interest in this color. There is nothing surprising in this, because there is a pink color and style, and sexuality. This shade has many variations: from pale to bright juicy tones.

Pink Sweet Party is a bright and unforgettable party for anyone who loves to have fun in the company of close friends, no matter what!

What does everyone associates the Pink Party? Naturally, with Barbie dolls, bows and ruffles, Bubble Gum, and pretty fairies in pink robes with fluffy wands. But do not feel sorry for the male guests of the party, because the slim girls in sexy outfits a la Barbie will certainly interest the stronger sex!

Pink Sweet Party is perfect for birthdays, hen parties, New Year’s Eve, corporate parties, Valentine’s Day, and other fun events.


This party does not involve a special place. The party can be held in an apartment, in a cafe, in the office, in the countryside, in a limousine. The main thing is to have an appropriate mood. And balloons of bright shades of pink, strawberries with cream, purple butterflies on men’s shirts and rich fuchsia dresses of girls will definitely help to create it.

Pink Style Party


As a child, all girls loved to play with dolls, make their hairstyles, dress them up and take care of them. Childhood has passed, but the skills remain. Why not design invitations in a child’s style and, of course, in the pink palette. There can be many ways to invite friends to the party. You can send out invitations by e-mail or create a separate page on the social networking site where you can discuss with potential guests the nuances of the party, the dress code, the menu and drinks.

To make the invitations remain guests for a long time to remember, it’s worth making them with your own hands. The form can be different – sweet candy on a stick, a sexy woman’s corset or a cute card with a crown, the symbol of a real princess. To decorate the invitations you will need colored cardboard, mostly pink, glue, beautiful colored ribbons, strong threads, sequins, scissors and other auxiliary materials as needed.Invitations

Since the party is themed, you should warn your guests about the dress code and indicate the date and location of the party.

interior decoration

The interior decoration is suggested in all possible shades of pink. Decorations made of crepe paper in the form of hearts, flowers or bows would be perfect. Balloons will look beautiful under the ceiling and scattered on the floor of the room.Pink party: scenario, decoration, dress code

Tables decorated with satin pink ribbons and beautiful massive bows will add a special charm to the entourage of the holiday.Pink party: scenario, decoration, dress code

It doesn’t hurt to have a themed tantamarrette where every girl can feel like a real princess, and men can have a good laugh at their friends, because it’s not every day you can meet a bearded Snow White or the Little Mermaid Ariel with stubble and sideburns.Pink Party: scenario, design, dress code

Beautifully complement the interior garlands of silhouettes of flowers, animals or geometric shapes, cut out of cardboard, in pastel colors of pink. Since the party is attended not only by girls, but also guys, it will not be superfluous to place on the wall a poster of the legendary band Pink Floyd and images of the Pink Panther.

The other wall can be decorated in the style of “pink memories”. Each guest will be given a pink puzzle frame in advance, where the guest must print and paste a photo from common parties, walks, work or school. Once everyone arrives at the party, they will form such a jigsaw puzzle collage of photos. Memorable pictures will certainly cause a lot of warm and pleasant memories. To dilute the total “mi-mi-mi” of their loved ones can not quite successful pictures, where friends are depicted in silly poses and with funny facial expressions.

Pink Style Party

What’s a pink party without fresh flowers? Roses in all shades of red will give a pleasant fragrance to all the guests of the evening. Petals can be scattered around the room, on tables, put in transparent vases with flowers – it will be beautiful and romantic.

You can create muted colors with scented candles, with a delicate scent of vanilla or lavender. But you don’t have to have a candlelight party, you can buy lights with any color of plafond, even pink, in the store.

No matter how you look at it, but still pink is inextricably linked to fashion. That’s why new fashion magazines, laid out on the tables, obviously won’t be superfluous.

At Pink Sweet Party it is not necessary to trifle, the more thematic color will be in the interior, the better. Therefore, buying pink textiles for tables and chairs is very helpful.

Also you can place posters with celebrities in pink outfits, for example Paris Hilton.

The dress code of the party

The invitation clearly states that there is a dress code – this is important to create an appropriate mood at the party. But you can go further and offer guests entry to the party only if they have a pink furry friend. It can be a cute piggy, bunny, Barbie doll, Pinkie Pie pony, Helow Kitty cat, Tinker Bell fairy, etc. These toys can be purchased at any children’s store.

Clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry of the gathering should contain a lot of pink elements.

Barbie-style will suit the girls, and this is a lot of accessories and shiny clothes in different variations: jumpsuits, suits, dresses, etc. You can come as a fairy or a princess, most importantly, a lot of pink. Complement the image with stiletto shoes, large curls, bright makeup and lipstick.Pink party: scenario, design, dress codePink party: scenario, design, dress code

Men are ideal for a suit and tie, bright shorts and an even brighter shirt, especially fun can come to the event in a tooth fairy costume.Pink party: scenario, design, dress code

Organizers should take care in advance to have all the necessary accessories for forgetful party guests. For example, purchase Playboy hare ears, a glamorous cowboy hat and wigs.


The design of the tables should be decorated with themed accents – rose petals, napkins with patterns, confetti of hearts, flags, straws and umbrellas – all in the pink scale.Pink party: scenario, decoration, dress code

The menu should also be “in theme”. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting dishes.

Pink Appetizers

Shrimp Bouquet.

Boil large shrimp and place them on lettuce leaves, complete the dish with slices of tomato or radish.

Pink Appetizers.

Miniature sandwiches with baguette, smoked salmon, red caviar and red onion rings on lettuce leaves.

Crazy canapés.

Why crazy? Because the taste will be the craziest. Take skewers about 5 cm long, and put on them 4 elements of food, and it can be your choice: salmon, grapefruit, sausage, tomatoes, radishes or cucumber.

A sweet option involves pieces of Turkish delight, marmalade, marshmallow, marshmallow, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, watermelon, etc.

In addition to canapés, you can serve all kinds of cookies, cakes, cotton candy, popcorn, strawberry mousse, cottage cheese dessert, cupcakes and even a cake in the form of a Barbie doll.

Of drinks, red and rose wine can be offered, as well as many rose cocktails. They are made with strawberry and pomegranate syrup, cherry and raspberry juice. Glasses are decorated with pieces of strawberries or raspberries.

If the soul demands exoticism, you can make pink sangria on the basis of red wine.Pink sangriaThe recipe is this.


Rose dry wine – 1 bottle.

Orange liqueur – 100 ml.

Sugar – 80 gr.

Lemonade – 700 ml.

Watermelon flesh – 300 gr.

Lemon lime – 1 pc.

The stages of cooking “Pink Sangria”:

The flesh of the watermelon is cut into cubes. Lime together with the skin is sliced. Sliced fruit is placed in a deep bowl.

Add liqueur and sugar. The mixture is stirred until the sugar dissolves, and hidden in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

After the time has elapsed, you need to add wine and lemonade to the cooled mass and mix everything qualitatively.

The already prepared drink is poured into a pitcher and served with ice cubes.

Background music

The Pink Panther movie tunes, songs by Pink Floyd, Aqua, Pink singers, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and other electrifying hits are perfect as a musical background.

Party Entertainment in Pink Style

What holiday party is complete without entertainment? Prepare the most positive contests and games possible.

I have not done this before.

Participants sit in a circle and are each given 10 pieces of candy. In the center, a hat or any other deep container in which to throw the candy is placed. The players take turns telling a true fact of their life, something they’ve never done before. If another participant in the game has tried something similar before, he or she throws a candy into the hat. For example, one says, “I’ve never flown in an airplane.” The one who has flown before throws the candy into the hat. In order, players take turns making new statements until all but one gets rid of their candy.

Guess Me by Smell.

Four to eight participants will be needed for the game. Everyone is blindfolded. The leader will bring objects to the participants’ noses and they have to determine what it is by smell. Guessing items include perfume, meat, dill, beer, flowers, diapers and a massive man’s fist. Whoever guesses the most items wins.

Spicy clothespins.

This game is perfect for couples as well as those who are on the prowl. Participants break into pairs and are blindfolded. Many clothespins are clipped to one of the pair’s clothes. The task of the other player is to remove the larger number of clothespins by carefully groping their partner. The winning pair is the one whose participant took off all the clothespins.

Pink clothes for baby

The game is designed for 3-4 participants of different sexes. In front of each bag filled with old-fashioned things, ideally, if you can pick up a pink closet. The essence of the game is that each participant in the shortest possible period of time to put on a maximum of things on themselves, including accessories and shoes.

To have more fun, it is recommended to offer girls things from men’s closet. For the guy – women’s things: lingerie, translucent dress, shoes with heels, a hat with a feather, a purse. The first one to dress everything up gets a prize. A photo shoot awaits the participants after the finish line.

Miss Barbie

Pink party: scenario, decorations, dress codeAll girls love to dress up beautifully and show their skills to others. To choose Miss Barbie of the evening, all participants will go through several stages: introduction, swimsuit competition and for the most charming smile. The crown goes to the girl who gets the most applause.

Secret friend

All guests write their name on a piece of paper, carefully roll it up and place it in a hat. Then, everyone takes turns pulling a note with the guest’s name on it. The name that falls out is the new secret friend for the evening. The point is to woo your secret friend throughout the party, invite them to dance, bring them cocktails, have interesting conversations, and oblige in every way. At the end of the party, everyone takes turns giving their thoughts on who their secret friend was.

A rousing dance

Participants in the contest are divided into teams and one half is given pink balloons and the other red ones. When dancing you have to hide a balloon so that it will not be burst by competitors but try to disable the balloon of your opponent in every possible way. You can hide the balloon between your bodies, under your dress, under your shirt, etc. The team that bursts all of the opponent’s balloons wins.

Inflate me

Participants are given a pack of chewing gum. They have to inflate the biggest balloon. The one who does the task faster and better than others gets a prize.


Participants in the competitions as an incentive presentation can be offered hare ears, a beautiful pink pen, fluffy bedroom slippers or pink lollipops.Pink party: scenario, design, dress code

Remembering your childhood and having fun with close friends is priceless! Fantasize and make every day of your life memorable.

Pink Sweet Party is the best place for princesses, Barbies and brutal tooth fairies!