BBQ ideas for birthday party

BBQ ideas for birthday party

Birthdays, and any holiday at the cottage, even without a special occasion, it’s always good! But try to prepare something unusual, different from the traditional kebabs. We’re sure your guests and family will appreciate such a party. Today we propose to plunge into the world of a barbecue party! Let’s find out what it takes.

It’s interesting: The concept of barbecue (ang. barbecue, short for BBQ), as a method of cooking meat and the name of the type of recreation, originated in the southern states of the United States. It’s a fun family-friendly party, which is always open air, where the meat (depending on the state the main dish may be ribs, steaks or chicken) and vegetables are grilled on a traditional grill. The picnic usually starts in the afternoon and ends late at night.

BBQ ideas for birthday party

1. Grill

Without this device, you can’t have a real barbecue party. And if our compatriots have a lot of experience while choosing a charcoal grill, then when choosing a grill absolutely everyone is lost. So, what to focus attention on. The first is that in a grill or barbecue, grill and a lid must be present. What else is important? Of course, the fuel. So barbecue is divided into three types.

  1. Running on wood (the cheapest fuel), but it is not easy to ignite, and you have to wait a long time until the wood burns into coals. As an alternative, you can use charcoal, you save time and avoid the smoke.
  2. The next type of grills works on gas. You do not need to worry about either kindling fluid or charcoal, or with cleaning the ash. But, there will not be that smoke, which gives the meat a special charm.
  3. And finally the last type – electric grills. It’s great, convenient, without extraneous impurities that are released during combustion, but not many electric grills are adapted for open areas, so it is an option, more likely, for apartments. Well, we chose the barbecue, now let’s install it on a flat solid (with a fireproof coating – tile or stone) surface (it would be great if it is a terrace or pergola), away from all outbuildings.

2. Decoration

Getting ready for a birthday party or just gathering friends, it does not matter. BBQ decorations, definitely be! 

  1. First of all it is greeting banners, garlands or multi-colored paper flags hung around the perimeter of the place where the party takes place.
  2. Also balloons or small balloon compositions (if, for example, it’s a children’s party). And of course, do not forget about flowers in small (not necessarily the same) vases and vases.
  3. Also important is an interesting serving of food in a rustic style. For example, bottled drinks that require refrigeration can be placed in tin buckets (now they are sold in all colors, even pink!) with ice. In baskets, which you are sure to have at any cottage, it is good to put fruit.
  4. As for tableware (and it should be, for convenience, disposable), tablecloths, napkins, also stick to the country style, that is, we choose everything in a cell or in a circle.
  5. If your party suddenly lacks chairs, a few wooden crates will easily replace them and look organic.
BBQ ideas for birthday party

3. Zoning

First of all, remember that BBQ is not a feast like we are all used to, it is a buffet type party, but there are places to relax too, that’s what zoning is for.

First and foremost is the barbecue area. Next to the barbecue is everything you need, so that the person who was named chef that day does not need anything and no one disturbs him.

A large table. Actually all dishes and drinks are placed on it, but, let us repeat, there are few people sitting at it (everyone is moving with their plates or without them, talking and just having a rest), so there should be seats in this area only for a third of those present.

Children’s Table. This is a low table for children, with a children’s specific menu, and small chairs.

Lounge area. You can put here chaise lounges or plastic chairs, put cushions and plaids (for those who stay late), a small table and, of course, ashtrays for smokers.

The dance floor. During the day there are competitions, which are also on the “menu” of a proper barbecue party, and closer to the evening it is an area for disco.

4. Menu

Meat, if appropriate to the original American party, is cooked in the presence of guests, so, to start everyone is offered appetizers.

  1. Pre-cooked 2-3 vegetable (no olivier and herring under a fur coat) salads, as well as sandwiches, canapes, and fish and cheese slices. Drinks include lemonade (usually homemade), fizzy drinks and light alcohol: beer and wine.
  2. Another interesting thing, at a BBQ party it is considered inappropriate to cook less than 3 dishes of meat (this is caused by concern for the guests – they should have a choice). Traditional BBQ meat dishes are sausages or hot dogs (we recommend that you cook them first, so that the guests satisfy their first hunger and you have a long time to cook the meat), hamburger patties, chicken, ribs, steaks.
  3. In parallel, on the second grill (at us this role can be a charcoal grill), cook vegetables: eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and even corn on the cob.
  4. In the evening, if the party goes on, offer guests tea and uncomplicated (store-bought, this is a “meat” party, no need to bother with homemade baked goods) desserts.

5. Dress code

Even though it’s a country party, it’s not, oddly enough, customary to come sloppily dressed. Try to dress in a country style, then you will fit in the image of an American holiday to the end.

For men it’s jeans, and of course plaid shirts.

For the ladies are the same jeans, denim shorts, and also checkered shirts, but tied with a knot at the waist. And of course simple dresses with flounces or without, the actual print, in addition to the plaid, is a small flower. And also, go well with wide belts and, if you find it, cowboy hats. The main thing is no glamor and expensive jewelry.

6. Entertainment

In the evening, again, it is of course the disco. And what to occupy the guests during the day? Active entertainment is supposed to be, because we are in the fresh air, but also a deck of cards (for the game “Mafia”), carefully taken from home, is not superfluous.

And here are a couple of active games that are fun for adults and children:

Garden Bowling. You’ll need six plastic bottles half-filled with water and a soccer ball. Otherwise act as in bowling. And play better, of course, on a paved, flat track.

Mister Twister. The game repeats the traditional twister, except that the circles will be drawn on the lawn. Buy spray cans with different colors and draw circles, which have to step on hands and feet, right on the grass. Just have to do it in advance so that the paint had time to dry.

Petanque. A set of balls, bought in advance, will brighten up the waiting game in any company. The rules are simple, even a child can cope.