BBQ birthday decorations

BBQ birthday decorations

How do you prepare your yard for a party so guests will love it and want to come back again?

Use a disposable craft paper tablecloth.

A regular tablecloth is corny and completely impractical. So instead of the usual tablecloth with flowers, we use a simple craft paper. The advantage is, firstly, that it is not sorry to get dirty and throw away, and secondly, the paper can be decorated with funny inscriptions or pictures. For example, to sign the name of the appetizer or distribute in advance where each guest will sit.

Decorate the trees with Chinese lanterns

Hang Chinese lanterns around the garden, not for illumination of the area, but just for beauty. Tie long strings to the lanterns and hook them to the branches of garden trees, any canopy or the roof of a pergola.

Add “wind music”

Do you want to have a favorable atmosphere in your dacha, flowers never wilted, and the orchard to bring a rich harvest every year? Hang up a magical talisman “wind chimes” on the site: on weekdays, it will protect your home from negative energy, and during the party will add a little mystery and magic to the celebration.

Hang different kinds of lanterns

We’ve already hung Chinese lanterns for beauty, but you’re probably going to be partying late, which means you need to think about street lighting. Use anything you can find at the cottage: candleholders, handmade lanterns made of tin or glass jars, Christmas lights. Any original detail will make your site a little more cozy.

Lay a rug and cushions if there aren’t enough chairs.

Have you invited a couple dozen guests to a garden party and you only have one bench and three chairs? Don’t feel bad, there’s plenty of room for everyone. Take some thick rugs out of the house and lay them on the grass, throw decorative cushions on top – a comfortable and soft seat for guests is ready!

Put up jars of flowers.

After all, you’re hosting a garden party, which means decorate the snack table and seating area with whatever you have on hand. Flowers, for example. Make 2-3 beautiful bouquets and put them in large jars or glass soda bottles.

Put the drinks in an ice cart

You’re planning to have a holiday party in hot weather, aren’t you? To keep your guests thirsty, stock up on a variety of refreshments and ice in advance. Stack them in a large metal bucket or garden cart – guests will definitely appreciate your creative mini-fridge.

Place welcome signs

Signs with fun captions will help create a party atmosphere: “It’s a garden party,” “Welcome to …,” “Dance & fun!” Grab some simple planks and white chalk, and start imagining: Keep in mind that the wood must be aged and dark, otherwise no one will see the inscriptions. Put the plaques on the porch, hang them on the fence, or nail them to a tree.

Make a “Twister” right on the grass

What’s a party without fun games for big company? You can play homemade “Twister.” Paint circles of green, blue, yellow and red on the grass in advance (use spray paint and wait until it dries completely), print out an improvised tape measure for the host, find something like an arrow and start playing!

Decorate the table with balloons

Balloons are always associated with a party, which means that the easiest and fastest way to get the place ready for the party is to hang up brightly colored balloons. Let them be few in number, the main thing is the party mood.

Hang garlands.

It’s the same with garlands – hang just a single garland and you can transform a casual ambiance into a festive ambiance. Make your own rustic garland using lots of shreds of fabric and jute twine, a fine piece of twine used to tie up boxes, correspondence, and so on. Tie different colored pieces of fabric to the rope – and that’s it, your garland is ready. Put it in a prominent place and welcome guests.

Hide a cute gnome or two in the grass

Set up a fun quest or contest for your friends: hide some small and cute gnomes in bushes, flowerbeds, or garden beds. The person who finds all the gnomes within an hour (in fact, the task can be any – think of it yourself) gets a cool prize. In general, you should think up an entertainment program for the party beforehand, so that none of the guests will get bored.