Pink Style Party

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Easy valentine’s treats

The symbol of Valentine’s Day is a heart. It allows you to decorate the interior and create a romantic mood. In addition, the heart shape becomes the basis for culinary masterpieces. In order to please your loved one, family or friends with delicious heart-shaped cookies, you do not need to be a romantic.

Tutus and bow ties party

The name comes from “baby shower,” literally “rain for the baby. And it really is a real rain of plenty: at such a party, pregnant women are surrounded by attention, care and gifts. The party is held in the 7th-8th month of pregnancy, when the woman is still feeling well enough, and there is no danger of premature birth.

Ties and tutus decorations

If you’re hosting a Baby Shower at your house and you have young children, make sure they’re unaware of the decorations. If you’re afraid they might notice the preparations, start early on the day of the celebration, and decorate everything right on that day, rather than the night before the day of the celebration.